Angel Island Tour

During the upcoming weekends, a small scaled trip to Angel Island State Park may happen. Angel Island, deemed as the “Ellis Island of the West”, is the largest island located in the San Francisco Bay once used as an “Immigration Station” for Asian immigrants during the early 1900s. Due to the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, the Chinese populations were affected the most.

The tour will consist of a walk and talk to see the immigration station with a park ranger. Since parts of the island are underconstruction, the tour may be more limited than a typical trip. Transportation to the island and the tour cost are estimated to be around $20-25. We will either head back to SC after the trip or we may possibly find a place to hang out afterwards.

If you are simply interested and/or if you are open to driving (with gas accomodations), please contact us ( Email us your name and if you can drive, how many people you can transport by April 30th. This trip will be limited to 20-30 people.

More details are to come soon!

For more information about Angel Island State Park, please visit their site.