Santa Cruz Chinatown Tour

When is it?
Tues, May 8th
Thurs, May 17th
(same tour, two dates)

Where to meet?
1PM. Behind Mobo Sushi on Front Street (which is between Trader Joe’s and Riverfront Cinema downtown). At this time, transportation will not be provided.

What? SC Chinatown?
The chinatown of Santa Cruz is no more. It was once where Downtown Santa Cruz is today. It was first developed in the mid-1860s, but after many years of struggles, a disasterous flood in 1955 persuaded the small population of remaining residents to disperse. The tour will be lead by George Ow, one of the last remaining survivors of Santa Cruz Chinatown. He will take you where buildings once were and share his life experiences.

How much?
This event is free!