site feature of the day: YouTube Channel

CSA now has a public YouTube channel. The first test batch of videos upload that had audio syncing problems have now been re-synced. Additional footage has also been added.

All videos are currently recordings of our annual Lunar New Year Banquet from the years 2003-2007, but CSA hopes to have a more diverse assortment of videos in the future. To make watching more reminiscent (whether it is your first time or not), each Lunar New Year Banquet has sorted into Playlists by year and by performance order. If there is a particular act that you have the slight bit of interest in performing at an event, such as at our 2008 Lunar New Year Banquet, do let us know. Enjoy!

site feature of the day: Mailing-List

If you stopped by our table at the OPERS Fall Festival today, you were probably directed to this weblog by the free CSA pens we were giving away. This website is our one of our major form of information sources since. Check this website for our regular updates on events and announcements. If you would like reminders via e-mail, self-subscribe to our e-mail list, Here.

// E-MAIL FAQ //

(1) Is this easy to do?

This could not be any easier: Click the link, Enter your e-mail, Confirm via email.

(2) When do I get e-mails?

E-mails are only sent when the homepage has a new posting.

(3) What kind of e-mails do I get?

Only new posts on the homepage will be e-mailed to you. NO SPAM.

(4) What if I want to be taken off the list?

At any time you may make a request via e-mail or check a received message for the unsubscribe link.

(5) Is this recommended?

This is perfect for reminders or for those who do not wish to check the website on a regular basis.

Opers Fall Festival

Tuesday, September 25th


Upper East Field

The OPERS Fall Festival is an annual event when student organizations, student service units, campus resource centers, recreational clubs, sport clubs, and OPERS staff and faculty come together to share information about their programs with the rest of the campus. Attend to find an interest to keep active during the year!

Stop by our table and receive a CSA pen! Quantities are limited.