happy 2009!!

Hey slugs!!

Welcome to the new year of 2009!! This is going to be an awesome year filled with new friends, many more memories, and tons of fun.

Our first CSA meeting of the year will be tomorrow, MONDAY Jan. 12, 2009. We will be meeting in the Redwood Lounge from 8-9 pm. This will be a short meeting to meet up after the winter break and catch up with each other. Please feel free to come by and check it out. If you are interested in our 2009 Lunar Banquet, this would be a great chance to come and get some more info about how you can help out or preform! We would love to have everyone come out and show their talents! Please come to the meeting if you have any interests in being part of fashion show, dance, singing, skit, and a lot more!!

The rest of the meetings for this quarter will be held above the bookstore in the Conference Room. We will be meeting in Conference Room D from 8-10pm.

Hope to see you all soon!