2nd Annual Stainless Steel Chef

Heard of “Iron Chef?”

Here’s our spin on this well known show! YOU ARE INVITED TO COME WATCH this exciting competition, as three teams battle against each other to make the best dishes, as a panel of judges evaluate presentation, taste, and originality!

Catering will be available so FREE FOOD FOR EVERYONE!

For student cook groups who are interested in participating in this event, you must send a message by May 13th 11:59pm to:


Please include the following within the e-mail with the subject title being “CSA Stainless Steel Chef” or anything that is related to that:

Names of all group members (exactly 3)
Phone Numbers and e-mails
Dish they are planning to make for try-outs


We are still holding our last chance submissions on Tuesday if you still want to compete in our “Iron Chef” style event at the Village Kitchen next Thursday (May 28th).

If you’re interested, please contact anxwong@ucsc.edu or mglee@ucsc.edu before next Tuesday (May 26th).

THANKS!!! I hope to see you all there! Remember, its free food for everyone!!! Come drop on by!