Banquet Rehearsals!!

Hey everyone!!

Unfortunately due to booking troubles, there will be no banquet rehearsals this week!!! I’M SORRY!! I know you were all THRILLED and looking forward to spending 4 hours with your 2 lovable banquet coordinators, but we will not be meeting next week.

On that note, your banquet coordinators have decided to book 2 rehearsals next week. Especially since we do not have CORE on Monday the 18th!

Tuesday the 19th of January will be our official FIRST banquet rehearsal! I know that this is last minute!! Some people may not be able to attend, but I do ask that you try to make it to as much of the rehearsal as possible!

Again, sorry, but the place has not been set in stone because of booking problems (RAWR lol). But plan on it being at Kresge College. I will post up a map and everything on the next post!

Thanks for your cooperation, I know it is frustrating with last minute changes, but I REALLY appreciate you all working with us!

Keep checking for an update for the room location as well as updates about auditions!

Any questions, please contact the banquet coordinators @

THANKS and have a good 3-day weekend!!

~Monique and Ray