Banquet Rehearsal Updates!

Hello everyone!!!

I hope you are all enjoying you long Martin Luther King Jr. weekend!! I know its been raining pretty hard, but a little rain never hurts!

This post is to update everyone that CSA BANQUET REHEARSALS will be held on Thursdays! We will be meeting from 7pm to 10pm at KRESGE 327.

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We will be having a very important announcement tomorrow night, so please please please try your hardest to make it to the meeting!!!! If you cannot make it one time, no problem! Just come when you can!! You are free to bring your laptops and homework to work on during the meeting!

If you get lost or need help or have and questions/comments, please e-mail, or call Monique Siu or Raymond Kim at 510-612-4453 and 1-510-672-4671, respectively.

Thanks everyone!! See you all tomorrow night!!!! :]