It’s Been So Long!

Hi all!

It’s been a while since the last post hasn’t it?! Since then we’ve had Spring Retreat and Cultural Game Night. And tonight, we just finished electing next year’s CSA Officers!

Congratulations to

Tina Hsu and Andy Wong for winning Co-Chairs!

Oliver Wong for winning Treasurer!

Kelvin Chu for winning Secretary!

Celia Lay and Daniel Yim for Banquet Coordinators!

Emily La and Carolyn Rojsutivat for winning Public Relations!

Phuong Nguyen for winning Historian!

Bena Ng for winning Fundraiser!

With great leadership, dedication, hard-work, commitment, and teamwork, CSA will be very successful next year! To everyone else, there is still much work to do! CSA is nothing without its core members, so please continue to work hard and aspire to be officers next year!

Much love from your current Public Relations officer,

Daniel Yim