Meeting, then Bowling Night!

Hey guys!

So tomorrow is our second meeting of the year, and it’s not going to be at the i-lounge this time, it’ll be at Conference Room D (Cervantes Room).  Be there at 8:00 pm SHARP!!! Don’t know where Conference Room D is? It’s where the Career Center is at.  Don’t know where the Career Center is?  It’s where the bookstore is at.  Don’t know where the bookstore is? Well, google it, because I’m going to assume most of everyone knows where the bookstore is at. 😀  But if you really don’t know, you can email us at, or leave us a facebook comment and we’ll respond as quickly as possible:

SOOOO after our meeting, we’re going to be going to the bowling alley to have some good ol’ bowling time!! 🙂  Remember to bring socks (if you’re wearing sandals/flipflops tomorrow), money ($10 is more than enough for a game and shoe rentals.), and smiles, because it’ll be fun! 🙂  Bring your friends if you want!! RIDES WILL BE PROVIDED!! So meet up at the quarry (bookstore) at 9 pm!! Be sure you RSVP in the facebook group to secure a ride!! Any questions, comments, or concerns? Go to the facebook event and leave a comment:

OR text Celia or Doug (phone numbers are in the facebook group).