Mahjong/Sago Night

Hi everyone,

We just have three things that we thought you might be interested in learning about. 😀

I’d like to start by thanking everyone who came out to Fall Reception on Thursday, there was an amazing turnout and we’re glad to have seen so many new face! We hope to see you at future meetings! 😀

And speaking of future meetings, we will not be having a core meeting this Monday November 12th, in observance of Veteran’s Day. So enjoy the rest of your three day weekend everybody! Our next meeting will take place the following Monday, November 19th at the Cevantes Conference Room on the 3rd floor above the bookstore. But don’t worry if you want to see more of us this week and you can’t wait til next week, we have an event coming up this Thursday! 😀

Do you like mahjong? Or what about sago? Have no idea what either of those are? That’s fine, just come by the Crown Community Room because Chinese Student Assocation will be hosting a Mahjong/Sago Night! You can learn more about mahjong (a Chinese game utilizing tiles in a matching way) and try out sago (an Asian dessert), it’ll be yummy! And besides, what better a way to spend a Thursday night than by playing mahjong and enjoying sago with friends and new friends! If you don’t know where Crown Community Room is don’t worry about it, we’ll have arrows going from the Crown bus stop up to the Crown Community Room. Our Mahjong/Sago Night will be this Thursday, November 15th from 7-9PM so feel free to stop by. We’ll also have other snacks in addition to sago for you to enjoy too.

See you at the Crown Community Room! :]

Chuansen & Vicky
Public Relations Officers

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And in case you wanted a flier, here it is. 😀

CSA would like to make this event accessible to people with disabilities. For more info contact SOAR at (831)459-2934.