Oh my. Hopefully you all enjoyed joining us for Moon Cake Making Night. If you did, then please come out to EGGROLL MAKING NIGHT! It’s tonight! November 20th, 2013 at 7PM! If you couldn’t make it out to moon cake making, then here’s your chance to make up for it! MAKE MAKE MAKE!

So tonight (hopefully the strike that may or may not happen doesn’t affect your method of getting there too much D: ) roll on over the VILLAGE KITCHEN at 7PM! It’s the same location as moon cake making night. If you don’t know how to get there, simply take any bus and get off at the East Remote Parking Lot (or walk there, that works too :D) and go across the street from the parking lot and look for the arrows that say “CSA Event” on them. Follow the arrows like a treasure map and you’ll find the treasure, ALL THE INGREDIENTS YOU NEED TO MAKE EGGROLLS, provided by the Chinese Student Association. HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL THERE! 😀

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Pat Chu and Thomas Chu