looking for a group of people with similar talent?

CSA Aspects are groups that cater to specific interests to UCSC students.

Although CSA has deep roots, it has yet to maintain a strong and continual support for specific groups promoting unity and empowerment among UCSC students through education, consciousness and recognition of Chinese and Chinese American cultural aspects.

If you are interested in starting any of the following teams/clubs below that will be affiliated with CSA, or if you have another idea in mind, please contact us. We will help you publicize, stir up interest, gather members, gather resources, possibly help fund your services, and work with you to get the new team/club on its feet.

If you are interested in joining and learning any aspect, please contact us as well. That way we can give you information or we know there is interest.

Not only does CSA aspects create groups of people with common interests and safe spaces for student voices, but there may be possibilities for your team/club to perform and show off your abilities at our events such as our annual Lunar New Year Banquet.

These aspect groups are open for anyone to start, teach, and learn. Multiple teams/clubs are welcomed!

Some examples of possible, but not limited to, teams/clubs:

  • Dragon Boating
  • Chinese Games (for example: mah jong, go, chinese chess, etc.)
  • Chinese Films
  • Diabolo a.k.a. Chinese Yo-Yo
  • Calligraphy
  • Mentorship