no acCeSs Allowed Hip Hop

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Founded by Hahn Kim, Daniel Yim and Matthew Hanson in 2009, no acCeSs Allowed Hip Hop Dance Crew is a team of ambitious students at UCSC who perform, annually, for the Chinese Student Association of UCSC’s Lunar New Year Banquet; and various other performances.  The team is open for booking and are open to all interested UCSC students.

The Present: 2010-2011

Co-Coordiators: Daniel Yim and Emily La
Contact Info:
Meeting Time/Location: Location always TBA
Check our Facebook for more information on practices and all things no access!
Booking Info: email

no acCeSs Allowed Administration


Artistic Director and Choreographer Daniel Yim
Coordinator and Choreographer Emily La
Choreographers Oliver Wong
Celia Lay
Kelvin Chu
Josh Biso
Sergio Pardo
Rachel Beyer


Artistic Director and Choreographer Hahn Kim
Coordinator Matthew Hanson
Choreographers Daniel Yim
Uyenmy Yamamoto